Gnomon School of Visual Effects Invites Tefft Smith to speak

From Gnomon Student to Industry Veteran with Tefft Smith II

August 6, 2020

On Thursday, August 6, join industry veteran and Gnomon alum Tefft Smith for a look at the importance and future of Visualization and how he began his journey into the visual effects industry.

During this event, Tefft Smith, whose credits include The Mandalorian, Midway, KONG: Skull Island, Tomorrowland, The Fountain and Life Aquatic, will talk in detail about how his education at Gnomon has been an intricate part in his artistic and career journey. Tefft will discuss how filmmakers are utilizing all the different aspects of visualization to take filmmaking to the next level. During the presentation, he will cover the differences and benefits of previsualization, post visualization, tech visualization and how virtual production is changing how films can be made.